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Meet Mariyana

The daughter of immigrants, Mariyana Spyropoulos grew up on Chicago's South Side. She attended Chicago Public School and took an early interest in civics.


Elected to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Board of Commissioners in 2010, Mariyana served as Board President from 2015-19. As president, she embraced green infrastructure and oversaw the disinfection of Chicago’s waterways – a project that directly benefited the region and created jobs. 


Mariyana also maintained the MWRD’s AAA bond rating and pushed for transparency by introducing independent oversight of the District and live-streaming board meetings. Her hard work was recognized in 2017 when she received the Illinois Water Environment Association Public Official Award and again in 2021 when she received the Public Service Award from the Water Environment Federation.


A former Assistant State's Attorney, Mariyana earned her law degree at UIC Law and her MBA from Loyola University Chicago.


Mariyana’s experience as an attorney makes her the best candidate to lead the office of Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County at a pivotal time. For years, the Clerk’s office has failed to modernize and operate in a transparent manner. Mariyana is running to improve the use of technology in the office, bring the courts to the communities to increase access to justice, and make the office more transparent and ethical.


Mariyana is a member of the Chicago Sierra Club, Hellenic Bar Association, Women’s Bar Association and Sankofa House Board.

Connect with Mariyana
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Citizens for Mariyana Spyropoulos
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Chicago, Illinois 60601


Click here to contact Mariyana to talk about any issues facing Cook County.

Plan for the Clerk's Office

Mariyana has a unique combination of professional and personal experiences that qualify her to serve Cook County as the Clerk of the Circuit Court.


Her plan to ensure better service and access to our courts:


Fight Corruption and Misconduct

  • Mariyana will not accept campaign contributions from employees in the office.

  • She will fight corruption and expose misconduct that exists in the office – and put an end to it.

  • Mariyana will simplify and clarify the filing fee structure.

  • She will increase training for staff to help guide people through the legal system in Cook County. 


Digitize and Save Money 

  • It is time to begin the process of digitizing all court files. Document imaging and other digital solutions will result in millions of dollars in savings for the taxpayers of Cook County.

  • The Office needs a dedicated Chief Innovation Officer to lead and drive technology development and implementation whenever possible.

Bring the Courts to the Communities

  • Mariyana will expand expungement summits and hold them more regularly so that more residents can expunge their records and create a new chapter in their lives.

Mariyana Spyropoulos is one of Chicago’s leading advocates for transparency in government, fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Meet Mariyana
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